About Us

Birth of Atchayam Trust, a NGO

It is a common human act to provide or simply ignore the need of alms seekers. Amidst the common man stuck in daily life and daily work, Mr.P.Naveenkumar, not only a young man with an incredible potential, but also a humane and compassionate soul witnessed the state of beggars seeking for alms in a Salem bus terminal. This is not a one day scene. On one fine day, he put his heart and soul and offered a cup of tea to Mr.Rajasekar, a pitiful and poorful beggar. During their conversation, the former narrated his life story that he has no desire to live due to the death of his entire family in an accident and so with a suicidal thought he became alcoholic to end up his life. The story of this poor fellow was heart-warming and enlightened Naveenkumar’s mind about the status of the marginalized people in the society.

With a fascinating insight into the plights of marginalized people, he created awareness about the plights of beggars among the youths, thereby a dynamic group of student volunteers and other professionals were formed as a team leading successfully to the establishment of Atchayam Trust which was legally registered (Reg.No-10/2014), as Non-Governmental and Non-Profit based organization in the year 2014. He was just 20 years young and a final year undergraduate engineering scholar during that course of period. His investments for the welfare of the marginalized people are only his youth and time which will not return in his life span. Despite that, he is attaining a ton of happiness and satisfaction in being a beloved person.

Our Vision

To Create A Beggar Free India

Our Mission

  • Surveying the beggars, homeless and destitute including mentally ill, differently abled, women and elderly.
  • Rescuing the destitute people abandoned by the society from their present situation by perfectly grooming them with utmost generosity and care.
  • Ensuring the safe and friendly environment.
  • Rehabilitating and ensuring the physical and mental well-being of the rescued people by providing medical assistance and counseling by health care professionals.
  • Empowering through entrepreneurship skills development programs for self- sustained livelihood to lead a life with dignity.
  • Engaging the volunteers and youth in rescuing process to uplift the helpless people neglected by the society.
  • Achieving social transformation by involving the youth to act as catalysts in achieving our vision.
  • Actively conducting awareness campaigns across Tamilnadu to reach out to massive number of people to create a beggar free country.
  • Sensitizing the policy makers, corporate sectors, national and international government organizations, UNOs etc.
  • To work with various government departments like Social Welfare, Police, Differently Abled Welfare department, Revenue, Municipality & Corporation, Social Justice and Empowerment, Health, Labour and Employment etc, towards addressing the plights of beggars and destitute people.


  • Establishment of Rehabilitation Homes for safe and friendly accommodation for the evicted elderly, destitute, mentally challenged, mentally challenged and differently abled.
  • Improve the employability of the successfully rehabilitated person to earn for their survival and be financially independent to live a stable life.
  • Uplift the underprivileged by conducting vocational training programmes.
  • Providing self-employment opportunities after imparting skill values, seed money support and raw materials.
  • Organizing employment opportunities in private enterprises and restoring them to a dignified and normal way of life.
  • Emphasizing the need of the hour to take care of the destitute by actively involving the youth for the socio-economic development of the society.
  • Encouraging the youth to develop leadership qualities, personality development and social responsibility for the progress of the nation.



    Showering love, care and affection on marginalized people by comforting them.

    We respect each individual the way we need to be respected.

    Our transparently comprehensive process ensures the tangible outcomes.

    Upliftment of an individual by imparting skill development programs empowers the society.

    A dynamic team of youth volunteers are committed to ensuring quality service to marginalized people and leading them to lead a dignified and healthy lifestyle.

Why Beggars ?

  • The population of India as on 2023 is 1,418,607,543 (0.81% increase from 2022) which is equivalent to 17.7% of the total world population and ranks second in the list of countries (and dependencies) by population. India is a diverse country with different states having varying levels of economic development
  • India's GDP growth is 7.8% in 2023 which is subjected to the trajectory of global economic and political developments. GDP of Tamilnadu has amounted to a growth of 14% over 2022-23. Due to the persistent regional disparities in economic growth in India, Tamil Nadu still has a significant population living in poverty, despite its strong economy. Addressing these disparities remains a significant challenge for policymakers.
  • It has been estimated from Atchayam’s survey that 1,01,52,000 persons will be engaged in begging in India i.e.,5,50,080 in Tamilnadu in which 16,560 in Erode by 2050. 1.5 out of 1000 people in Tamil Nadu are involved in begging and as per pilot study, about 1320 people are involved in begging in Erode city.
  • Plights of beggars are a complex issue that is often linked to poverty, homelessness and social exclusion. Also, they are exposed to harsh weather conditions, violence and exploitation and are viewed as a nuisance and are discriminated and get abused even. Without access to education, job training, or other opportunities, they may find themselves trapped in a life of begging. Additionally, some beggars may suffer from mental health or addiction issues, that further complicates their situation.
  • It is the need of the hour to alleviate the root causes of begging and promote social equality and socio-economic transformation.