Rehabilitation is a structured process for the transformation of marginalized and less fortunate people who are mainly beggars, old aged, dying destitute, mentally ill, mentally retarded, physically challenged, women, drug abuser etc. in rural, urban and semi-urban areas in Tamil Nadu into respectable citizens. After field visits and survey through which we collect information about these vulnerable, their life span of begging history, health status and other conditions like their involvement in drugs, stealing, alcohols, etc. are closely scrutinized

Then the rehabilitation process will be initiated depending upon their physical fitness and various advices, counseling through medical professionals and closely monitoring their physical as well as mental health status. We will fist make sure that their personal hygiene and mental reposition would be changed convincingly through personal rapport and loving care for their welfare. Their attitude and behavior would be totally changed then and will cooperate well with us. They are rehabilitated by necessary therapies along with clinical intervention for their social recovery

884 + were admitted in rehabilitation homes since inception in the year 2014

Admitting in Homes

Depending on the nature of the rescued candidate’s physical and mental health, they are admitted either in home run by Atchayam Trust or any of the hospice care or old age homes or ECRC after the necessary documents are duly signed by the respective government or department authorities.

  • Care for old
    aged people
  • Rehabilitation for
    mentallty ill People
  • Rehabilitation for
    Drug Abusers
  • Care for
  • Care for Homeless
    Dying Destitute
  • Family

Care for old age and Homeless destitute people

Depending on the nature of the rescued candidate’s physical and mental health, they are admitted either in home run by Atchayam Trust or any of the hospice care or old age homes or ECRC after the necessary documents are duly signed by the respective government or department authorities.

Our volunteers are professionally trained to identify elderly, destitute people to provide counseling care with compassion for changing their begging lifestyle into normal dignified life and live with respect.


Rehabilitation for Mentally Ill People

Some 90% of the mentally ill homeless people are suffering from problems like schizophrenia and can harm themselves or those around them. We have professionally trained counselors and Doctors for assisting mentally ill people of all age groups for changing their life into normal life. We provide them primary care and support initially which helps them to feel positive and approach life with more confidence.

Anyone can be afflicted by a mental illness and end up wandering the streets. Depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, addiction and other neuroses are so common nowadays. People suffering from these problems need as much love and support as those suffering from a physical illness. For patients with severe mental illnesses, it is very difficult to survive on the streets.

Rehabilitation for drug addicted persons

Drug addiction, also known as substance – use disorder, refers to the dangerous and excessive intake of legal and illegal drugs. This leads to many behavioral changes in the person as well as affects brain functions.

Drug addiction

Drug addiction includes abusing alcohol, cocaine, heroin, opioid, painkillers, and nicotine, among others. Drugs like these help the person feel good about themselves and induce ‘dopamine’ or the happiness hormone. As a result, they end up in streets spending all their earnings in consuming drugs inorder to forget their personal and social problems.

Atchayam Trust helps people who are drug-addicted and both physically ill and mentally unbalanced with a team of doctors and professional community counselors.

Care for Women

Homeless women also face discrimination and social exclusion on a daily basis. Atchayam Trust strives to eradicate the plights of women who are neglected by their family, friends and relatives due to various reasons.

We help women who are sexually abused, mentally ill, etc, by sending them to a well-maintained Care Homes to lead a secured life with respect and dignity.

Homeless women are living with mental illness at much higher rates than the general population. About 75% of homeless women struggle with mental disorders such as anxiety, depression and schizophrenia.

Women on the streets face higher rates of physical, sexual & emotional abuse.

Dying Destitute

When you think of the word destitute, which means poor or lacking other necessities of life, it refers to those who are in desperate straits. Living on the streets, the destitute are dying without having any means to lead a life on their own. They are found lying on streets without having any physical and mental wellness. They are found to be filled with dust without having any primary care and not being able to lead a life. They are treated as anti-social with no ability to lead a life of dignity. What they need is shelter, protection, health care services and more importantly counseling delivered with affection and encouragement. .

Atchayam Trust helps dying destitute people who are abandoned by their family, relatives, and friends for various social and economic reasons.

Reunion with family

The homeless people abandoned by the society are left hopeless and wander in the streets, solicitizes for food and longs for love, care and affection. The greatest blessing for a human is a happy family. It is heart wrenching to look at these people as they may be an abused women, an infectious person, mentally ill, an ousted person due to family disputes, an evicted elderly person being economically unproductive due to aging, etc.,.

As soon as these people are rescued and rehabilitated successfully, we help them to reunite with their family.