Success Stories

Our Success Stories

Mr. Raghu

One fine day, 80-year-old Mr. Raghu eagerly awaited outside the JKKN College premises in Komarapalayam, Namakkal district, Tamil Nadu. Originally from Haryana, he retired as an English teacher in a private institution. His life turned bleak and desolate after the passing of his spouse, Mrs. Ramamani, with no children to care for. Having lost his identity proofs, he felt distraught as he couldn't secure a place in any old age home in Delhi. During this challenging period, Mr. Raghu came across an article published on November 7, 2020, in the 'Times of India' highlighting the impactful work done by our Atchayam trust, prompting him to travel from Haryana. Now, he finds happiness and purpose in assisting the guard in the safe and welcoming environment of the Atchayam Beggars’ Rehabilitation Home.

Mr. Venkatraman

Mr. Venkatraman, a smoker and alcoholic, saw his earnings completely depleted by alcohol consumption, leading to conflicts with his wife and eventually sparking a family dispute. The intensification of his addiction due to mental depression resulted in the loss of his job and his departure from home, forcing him into a life of begging for survival. Rescued by our dynamic team of volunteers, he was admitted to Atchayam Beggars Rehabilitation Home. Upon successful rehabilitation, he triumphed over his addiction to alcohol and cigarettes. Now, he willingly serves as a cook at our Atchayam home, bringing joy to the residents and also works as a laborer in a private concern. Furthermore, he was happily reunited with his family.

Mr. Uttham Devnath

Uttham Devnath, a man from West Bengal, was discovered distressed on Perundurai-National Highway, stranded due to leg injuries from an accident. Afflicted by mood swings and mental disturbance, he was unable to walk and faced unsanitary conditions due to wearing multiple layers of clothing. Limited information revealed that he left his home state 25 years ago in search of employment and ended up in Tamil Nadu. Efforts are ongoing to reunite him with his family. Under Atchayam Trust's rehabilitation, Mr. Uttham Devnath is now faring well, demonstrating proficiency in self-hygiene and positive interactions with others.

Mr. Suman

Mr. Suman, a Nepalese resident, came under the care of our trust after being brought from Thanthai Periyar Government Headquarters Hospital in Erode in a mentally impaired state in 2021. Following consistent counseling and medical interventions, we successfully obtained his personal details. A former wanderer in search of employment, he had traveled extensively from Nepal to Kerala and then to Tamil Nadu, losing both possessions and national identity cards along the way. Language barriers compounded his difficulties, leading to mental instability and depression. We gathered information to locate his family and successfully reunited them, emphasizing the profound blessing of familial love in his life.

Mrs. Jayalakshmi

The passing of Sri Lankan refugee, Jayalakshmi's baby turned her into a psychopath, exposing her to sexual predators who subjected her to brutal beatings. The Atchayam team eventually rescued her, and through successful rehabilitation, Jayalakshmi now serves as the caretaker at Ecomwell Home for the Mentally Ill in Tharamangalam, Salem District. In her role, she compassionately tends to the needs of the residents with mental illness.